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Bob Bowles

Dr Bob Bowles is our chief administrator and translation assistant.

Bob has led a varied career. He first graduated from UEA (Theoretical Physics BSc 1982, PhD 1986) and started out in academic Physics research at University of Southampton. Since then he has worked in the chemical industry (ICI), re-trained in Psychology (BA 1995, Liverpool University), worked in Psychology research (University of Essex, Cambridge University), and then the retail IT industry (PCMS, Coventry) where he ended up running his own company (Bob Bowles Consultancy Ltd). Most recently he spent 2 years in China teaching Corporate Business English in Shenyang and Dalian.

Bob has been interested in Oriental philosophy and healing and exercise systems for most of his life. As a teenager he practised Tai Quon Do, but moved on to Hatha Yoga and then Tai Ji Quan and Qi Gong, which he has practised for more than 20 years.