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Price Structure For Treatments

No treatments are offered without consultation, because we want to make sure you receive the most appropriate treatment for your condition. However, seeking advice from our therapists is free and without obligation.

Treatment Price
Consultation FREE
30 minutes £25.00
30 minutes + Mini-Massage £30.00
Therapeutic Tui Na Massage:
30 minutes Tui Na £25.00
45 minutes Tui Na £35.00
Herbal Remedies:
Capsules 10 day course from £10.00
Creams 30ml from £16.00
Washes and Infusions per day from £5.00
Oils from £12.00
Other Treatments:
Cupping - 30 minute Session £25.00
Cupping + Mini-Massage £30.00
Ear Candle Therapy Session £15.00

Prices are correct as of 18 October 2017.