Medic China
Traditional Chinese Medicine for a Modern World


In China, herbal medicine is the primary method of therapy.

There are about 500 medicinal herbs, but only about 200 are frequently used. Herbs are often prescribed in formulations for specific conditions. Typically a herbal formula will contain between 3 and 25 different herbs. The therapist determines the formula tailored to the patient's condition.

Traditionally, herb formulations are boiled to make an infusion. Depending on the purpose, the liquor may be drunk or applied externally.

Modern practice is to make formulations into tablets or capsules for internal use. For external application, formulations are made into oils, creams or poultices.

All the capsules we make in-house use an outer shell made from 100% rice, specially imported from Thailand. The shells are certified halal and vegan, and they are safe for celiacs.